Let the product specialists at VDF FutureCeuticals explain how CoffeeBerry® Brand Whole Coffee Fruit can be a value-ad for you! VDF FutureCeuticals is a research and development, production, and marketing company specializing in safe, healthy food and dietary supplement products. We are not merely a brokerage or clearing-house. We are the premier producers and manufacturers of custom high-ORAC fruit and vegetable blends in the marketplace. Our products continually represent the gold standard for the industry.

Whether your product line is bakery or beverages, bars or supplements, snacks or syrups, CoffeeBerry® Brand Whole Coffee Fruit products can add zest and adventure to any formulation. CoffeeBerry® products are exclusively available from VDF FutureCeuticals. CoffeeBerry® is a registered trademark of VDF FutureCeuticals and CoffeeBerry® Whole Coffee Fruit products and processes are covered by pending US and foreign applications, and one or more of the following patents: US 6,572,915, US 7,754,263, US 7,807,205, and US 7,815,959.

Product-enhancement opportunities as dramatic as those offered by CoffeeBerry® are rare indeed.

FutureCeuticals is a business-to-business developer and manufacturer of bulk nutritional supplement and functional food raw materials. We do not sell to individual consumers and are not able to fulfill small orders.

If you are an established manufacturer of nutritional supplements or functional foods, and would like to request a sample, please contact us at Thank you.

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