Introducing Coffeeberry® Brand coffee fruit products, a line of powders and concentrates of the fruit of the coffee plant including the bean, as nature originally intended. Coffeeberry® coffee fruit products present the opportunity to invigorate product offerings with the distinctive appeal and profile of the vibrant, iconic, yet historically overlooked red coffee fruit.

An exclusive innovation in nutrition technology, the Coffeeberry® Brand line of coffee fruit products features higher levels of many beneficial coffee compounds than brewed coffee and several unique compounds not found in the coffee bean alone. Coffeeberry® is the opportunity to complete, and also repurpose the “coffee” story by delivering the health and romance of the world’s most popular, yet undiscovered, fruit.

A Brief History of Coffee

The rich history of the world’s love affair with coffee begins with a humble goat herder. Kaldi, the legend claims, was tending his herd in the Ethiopian highlands when he noticed his goats displaying unusual alertness and activity after grazing on the bright red cherries of a small tree. Kaldi took the fruit to the local monastery abbot, excited about his curious find. The abbot prepared a drink with the cherries and found that he remained alert for the long hours of evening prayer. Soon, the power and mystique of this extraordinary little fruit spread throughout Ethiopia, into the Saudi Peninsula, and eventually around the world.

Today, coffee is grown commercially in over 45 countries around the world with over 400 billion cups consumed annually. After nearly 500 years, the next evolution in coffee’s substantial story takes us right back to its humble beginnings with the rediscovery of the curious little red fruit.

The Coffeeberry® story combines the romance of a right-under-our-nose discovery with the sustainable utilization of a heretofore agricultural waste product in an exclusive, globally-patented line of next generation coffee ingredients.

A Green World from a Little Red Fruit

The Coffeeberry® Brand story aligns with a commitment to global responsibility. FutureCeuticals is committed to the integrity of every human life and the best possible stewardship of our natural resources. The coffee cherries used to produce Coffeeberry® Brand coffee fruit products are grown at dedicated, family-owned plantations that ensure a satisfactory quality of life for all employees. Our patented processes also transform the majority of coffee-processing waste into a viable, patented, scientifically-researched product line available exclusively from FutureCeuticals. Coffeeberry® Brand can bring about further significant change by responsibly generating additional coffee opportunities for family growers and harvesters in coffee growing communities throughout the world. Coffeeberry® Brand provides significant opportunity to be a differentiating example of a product that embodies a commitment to human health.

Coffeeberry® Brand coffee fruit is a registered trademark suggestive of a line of patented ingredients made from the fruit of the coffee plant (Coffea arabica). Coffeeberry® Brand products are from coffee fruit (including the bean) that is hand-picked and dried to preserve the delicate fruit and protect its precious nutrients.

Coffeeberry® exactly fits corporate commitments to: 

  • Sustained Agriculture 
  • Sustaining World Coffee Communities
  • Social Responsibility 
  • Environment and Conservation 
  • Development of Intrigued, Satisfied Consumers